Last Update 21.11.2022

Since the beginning of 2014 an announcement was made for prospecting oil reserves in front of the Canary Islands, a group of people decided to create an association to carry out ecologically sensible solutions.

Our goals :

Many of our familiar and comfortable standards are thus being challenged by constant change of policy towards green energy. Whether this is the problem of constant plastic waste everywhere needing large recycling operations, or currently rising energy costs and E-mobility : We are thus attempting to look more critically at the current changes in policy try behind the given information to look and consider this also at times critically. As an association we have no commercial interest, we do not want to sell anything, see us only as a base for ideas and connections , which are not always published broadly. Our goal is not only to "complain", to show what we think is bad, but also to to show possibilities, and how they can be improved.

On our own behalf :

Corona also slowed us down. Contacts and connections were lost, private circumstances caused members to become former members. At this point in time we are dominated by a group of technically oriented people. Situation of energy and e-mobility. Photovoltaics or electricity is not all we wish to address. In the future, we would like to have a broader range of members with a focus on biology and agriculture. Likewise everything around concerning daily life, which is also in constant change, thus widening the horizon of our group. So, if you are interested and have a little time, no matter what your focus is or be it only to get our information... get in touch.


We offer :

Passing on of current and also already standardized information around the environmental protections, agriculture, waste management and their problems, renewable energies, worldwide and in particular related to Lanzarote. From time to time, project work on special topics in these areas, workshops to compare the the level of knowledge of our members.


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